Windows Live Writer

Live Writer Redux

My preferred way of writing blog posts was MS Windows Live Writer, which was bundled with Windows Essentials, but the last version of this was back in 2012. The great news is that a group of volunteers have persuaded MS to make this  open source software as of December last with the release of open source ver. 0.5. Not an easy task I bet to convince MS, plus some of the original code is a decade old. You can expect to see lots of nice new features added by the volunteers, which are mostly MS people working in their own time – thanks guys!

One of the omissions in the original was that there was no option to choose the location to which drafts were saved without some hacking of the regedit file. Such a feature would be very useful for blogging from different computers such as work and home and using something like OneDrive or Dropbox to store drafts. As of the current release of the open source version 0.6 with which I am writing this on Windows 10, this is still the case. However it is just a simple case of adding a new string in regedit to effect this: open up regedit with the run command and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OpenLiveWriter. Right click on this and select ‘new string value’ and set this to ‘PostsDirectory’ and set the value to your preferred drafts folder (see figure below). Close regedit and then open Open Live Writer. Any posts now saved as drafts will appear in your preferred location which for me is OneDrive.



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WampServer Problem after Windows 10 upgrade


It was with some trepidation that I upgraded from Win 7 (Home) to Win 10, but although it took an absolute age to go through the process – at first it appeared that all was well. This was however short lived when I attempted to start the WampServer – it failed to turn from amber to green. The error reported being Port 80 used by Microsoft-IIs/10.0. Cannot install the Apache service. Not sure why MS feels it necessary to make it active by default on Windows 10, where previously although present  was not active by default on some editions of Windows.

This problem was overcome by firing up the cmd window (as Administrator) and entering iisreset /stop and restarting Wamp services. Happily, the WampServer task bar icon turned a satisfying green, but alas when trying to navigate to localhost I was greeted with ‘Access Denied’ and the same when trying to access phpmyadmin. It should be noted that prior to ugrading to Win 10, I had been using WampServer with no problems at all under Win 7. After some head scratching and googling, I found a workaround here.Thumbs up


SEO 2015

SEO 2015
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As the author points out many articles on SEO and marketing are written by interns, or the office junior, the reason being that the real gurus of SEO are too busy. Well, I am glad this expert took the time out to write this guide. All too frequently these low cost Kindle books are just the results of scraping by non-experts and then thrown together and coming from the school of ‘How to write a kindle book in one day’ and its ilk. It can be quite hard sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the copious amounts of kindle SEO books, and all claiming that they will get you to the top of the search rankings with little effort required. This book definitely is of the ‘wheat’ variety and is one of the better SEO guides I have read in a while, so don’t be put off by its low Kindle price or crappy cover.

If you do not have Google Analytics installed, put down this book, install Google Analytics now and then slap your web developer.

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