WampServer Problem after Windows 10 upgrade


It was with some trepidation that I upgraded from Win 7 (Home) to Win 10, but although it took an absolute age to go through the process – at first it appeared that all was well. This was however short lived when I attempted to start the WampServer – it failed to turn from amber to green. The error reported being Port 80 used by Microsoft-IIs/10.0. Cannot install the Apache service. Not sure why MS feels it necessary to make it active by default on Windows 10, where previously although present  was not active by default on some editions of Windows.

This problem was overcome by firing up the cmd window (as Administrator) and entering iisreset /stop and restarting Wamp services. Happily, the WampServer task bar icon turned a satisfying green, but alas when trying to navigate to localhost I was greeted with ‘Access Denied’ and the same when trying to access phpmyadmin. It should be noted that prior to ugrading to Win 10, I had been using WampServer with no problems at all under Win 7. After some head scratching and googling, I found a workaround here.Thumbs up

Article Name
Windows10 Wamp Server Problem
Port problems with Wamp after upgrading to Windows 10