SEO 2015

SEO 2015
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As the author points out many articles on SEO and marketing are written by interns, or the office junior, the reason being that the real gurus of SEO are too busy. Well, I am glad this expert took the time out to write this guide. All too frequently these low cost Kindle books are just the results of scraping by non-experts and then thrown together and coming from the school of ‘How to write a kindle book in one day’ and its ilk. It can be quite hard sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the copious amounts of kindle SEO books, and all claiming that they will get you to the top of the search rankings with little effort required. This book definitely is of the ‘wheat’ variety and is one of the better SEO guides I have read in a while, so don’t be put off by its low Kindle price or crappy cover.

If you do not have Google Analytics installed, put down this book, install Google Analytics now and then slap your web developer.

Coming in at over 150 pages, with almost every page containing useful information or a link to other resources. I like to think I have some knowledge in SEO, albeit nowhere near being expert, but within these pages I found many new things and especially useful were links to external resources and SEO tools. So in this respect the usefulness of this guide goes beyond just what is contained within its pages.

The chapter on the recent Google updates and links is bang up to date, although many in the industry think that a further algo update is in the pipeline, possibly even as early as the first quarter. Unlike many other ‘guides’ which barely touch upon them and their implications, this book goes into the detail and how to tell if you have been affected by the recent updates and refreshes and how to recover if you have. Although, that’s often easier said than done, especially if there are multiple algos in the wild. I would have also liked to seen mention of negative SEO, and perhaps advice given on how to alleviate its effects before you become fresh Penguin bait.

A Link building strategy is covered in some depth including advice on how to avoid getting penalised by Google. Unlike some other ‘guides’ which offer ‘magic bullet’ solutions for link building this one tells it how it really is, but at the same time gives several techniques to help you on your way up the organic search results.Most of my own websites need to play in the local SEO arena, and this is covered by those measures needed in addition to traditional SEO. Local search ranking factors are given such as the importance of building citations and Google+ pages.

The book is an easy read and although aimed at both the website/business owner and budding SEO enthusiast, I think the maximum benefit will be gained by those who already have a passing acquaintance with SEO. Having said there, there is practical guidance on how to check if your website developer is following best SEO practice or in need of a slap!

I have no hesitation in giving this book a five star recommendation for both the quality and practicality of its content and the easy-to-read style.

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SEO 2015: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies [Kindle Edition]
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