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Book cover for Search Engine OptimisationKindle book review: Search Engine Optimization 101: How to Create a Popular Blog and Generate Traffic by Daniel Transon

Initially I felt it would be rather unkind to be derogatory about the usefulness of this book since it was free on Amazon at the time, however digging a bit deeper it seems that the author has a whole series of Kindle books on diverse subjects ranging from buying cars to career advice and financial investment to leadership, in all Amazon returns thirty-four results for Daniel Transon. Each around the £2’ish mark, not expensive I concur but when you note that these are only around ten to twenty pages or less each (as stated on the product pages), makes me suspect a pattern here. Assuming they are all written by the same guy, then this must be a very adept individual or they are just products of regurgitation or internet scraping. For this book at least (I haven’t read any of his other books), the same information and more can readily be found on the internet.

The subtitle of this book is `How to Create a Popular Blog and Generate Traffic’ but the topics covered also apply to many other types of websites as well. For Bloggers a discussion of SEO plugins and techniques pertinent to the most common blogging platforms such as WordPress would have given relevance to the subtitle but is sadly missing.

Some of the advice given should have been qualified further such as when the author talks about the domain age delay effect in that it is preferable to buy an established domain rather than a new one for quicker SEO results. However, no mention is given as to the dangers and precautions which should be taken when doing so, such as how to avoid sandboxed or blacklisted sites. Without these precautions the effect of purchasing an established domain, usually at an inflated price, could have the opposite to the desired effect.

The product description states:

* How to come up with great blog content ideas
* What separates one blogger from another
* How to increase your traffic ten-fold
* And MUCH more!

Does it achieve any of this? I don’t believe it comes anywhere close and therefore cannot recommend this book.

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Search Engine Optimization 101: How to Create a Popular Blog and Generate Traffic by Daniel Transon
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