Posting from MS-Word to WordPress & Joomla

I am currently using WordPress ver and Joomla, so the instructions and versions below may change if you are using different versions of either of these.


  1. WordPress

    Posting from MS-Word (2010) to a wordpress blog is the easiest as all you have to do is enter your username and password to the account you want to post to, while posting to Joomla is a little more complicated.


  2. Joomla
    Install Plugin XMLRPC for Joomla!3.1.x version 2.0.7 from and enable it within Components – XMLRPC

    Go to Manage Accounts in the Word Ribbon Menu and add new account with host as other.
    Select MetaWebLog as the API and http://yoururl/index.php?option=com_xmlrpc&view=service&format=xml in the Blog Post URL, replacing yoururl with your own blog URL

    Press OK and it will respond as connection successful or not.
  3. To write a post in MS-Word open File New, Blog Post, Create…