Month: September 2014

25 Terrifying Reasons Your Website is Not Successful

eBook review 25 terrifying reasons your website is not successful
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The product description for this book states: ‘In this guide, 25 common hurdles are identified that may inhibit the growth and productivity of any website—ranging from a small business or local community site, to a major corporate operation’.

At the time of writing this review this short eBook is free on Amazon and why should this be so? In fact the author enlightens us on this very point in one of his twenty-five ‘terrifying reasons’: “It’s only through free promotion that you will even be on the radar of the people that you want to do business with”.

Thus by the author’s own admittance the purpose of this eBook is to induce the reader to go on and purchase the other non-free versions of his eBooks including the Cyrus Kirkpatrick Lifestyle Design Book series featuring such titles as ‘How to Actually Make Money Blogging’ and ‘Freedom: How to Make Money From Your Dreams and Ambitions’ and the wonderfully titled ‘How to Escape the Rat Race and Move to Beautiful Countries’.

Further the author states this explicitly: ‘By giving away some of your best material without strings attached, people become “fans” and are then willing to make real purchases’. So from the perspective of has this aim been achieved I would say no because personally I would not go on to purchase any of his other books because if this book is some of his best material then what does that say about the content of his other books. Having said that, I found the book to be of some merit, mostly suited I would suggest to somebody with very little experience or just getting started with online marketing or SEO. Perhaps I am being overly critical especially as its free.

Its not so much as a ‘how to’  book as the product description  and the other reviewers imply but rather laying seeds for further investigation. A case in point is the product description for the ‘terrifying reason of choosing the wrong colour scheme:

‘Finally figure out some of those unnoticeable variables like colour scheme and paragraph design that might scare people away’.

The actual explanation given in the eBook comes no where even close to its stated aim but just consists of a couple of statements like ‘One of the best colour schemes is black and white’ and ‘Your choice of colour has a lot to do with your brand and the overall feeling you are trying to convey to people’.  He then directs the reader to the website for further information, which seems a bit of a cop-out to me, particularly as there are many other better guides to colour theory and psychology online.

For me this example sums up most of the ‘terrifying reasons’ in that they don’t actually deliver on what they promise in the product description.

Having said that it is a quick read and does have some merit by highlighting areas for further research by the newcomer and based on that I would give it a 3 star rating unlike the other five reviewers (at the time of writing) who have all rather generously in my opinion, given the book a five star rating. Not surprising though as they all seem to have given overwhelmingly five star ratings to all their many other reviews on Amazon. Hmmm…