Month: July 2014

Review: Bootstrap Site Blueprints (eBook)


I am a fan of Bootstrap and use it quite a bit, having started with Ver2 mostly by trial and error and now Ver3 which is the ‘dogs doodahs’ and is directed at ‘mobile first’ design. I’ve always been curious about the LESS mixins and the
associated supplied .less files, but not until now have I looked into it in more depth. Glad I did as I will definitely being using the LESS CSS pre-processor in all my Bootstrap projects henceforth. Having worked my way through this book has given me a fair idea of the advantages of using LESS and how it can be used particularly with the Bootstrap framework but as the book states; is not about teaching LESS (but is nevertheless still a good primer), which is used as a means to an end – an understanding of the inner workings of Bootstrap and how this can be harnessed to produce leaner and meaner code.

To gain a better understanding of LESS I subsequently picked up a copy of Less Web Development and Instant Less Pre-processor, which both cover roughly the same ground but I find I can generally get a better understanding by  reading at least two texts on a subject. I will also be reviewing these books and comparing them soon.

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Posting from MS-Word to WordPress & Joomla

I am currently using WordPress ver and Joomla, so the instructions and versions below may change if you are using different versions of either of these.


  1. WordPress

    Posting from MS-Word (2010) to a wordpress blog is the easiest as all you have to do is enter your username and password to the account you want to post to, while posting to Joomla is a little more complicated.


  2. Joomla
    Install Plugin XMLRPC for Joomla!3.1.x version 2.0.7 from and enable it within Components – XMLRPC

    Go to Manage Accounts in the Word Ribbon Menu and add new account with host as other.
    Select MetaWebLog as the API and http://yoururl/index.php?option=com_xmlrpc&view=service&format=xml in the Blog Post URL, replacing yoururl with your own blog URL

    Press OK and it will respond as connection successful or not.
  3. To write a post in MS-Word open File New, Blog Post, Create…




Writing and Posting within MS-Word

By chance discovered that you are able to submit a post by using MS-Word and also select a category for the post. This post has been submitted via MS-Word. To do this within Word –File-New-Blog Post-Create. The first time you do this it will ask for your blog URL and logon. When done simply hit ‘Publish’ in the ribbon menu, where you can also insert a Category.

Also you can open the home page of your Blog from within word!